Baby Bear Goes Viral on Florida Beach Among Tourists

A Black Bear Takes a Swim

A black bear has caught the attention of social media after being caught on camera taking a dip in the sea while beachgoers watched on. The clip, which has since gone viral, shows a small bear swimming in the ocean and enjoying the waves. However, the bear quickly realized it was being watched and became spooked by the large crowd of bathers and fled onto the sand.

Witnesses who captured the moment claimed to be “shocked” as they did not expect to see a bear swimming in the sea. While others were surprised by how adept the bear was in the water, remarking that they had never seen a black bear swim before.

The video has since sparked a flurry of comments on social media platforms with many users in awe of the sight of a bear on the beach. While others expressed concern for the bears’ well-being, commenting that the high temperatures could have led them to seek food or cooling in the sea.

Black Bears and Their Habitat

Black bears typically inhabit temperate or cold zones and are usually found in forests, mountains, and some swamps. The black bear is considered an endangered species, with its world population showing an increase in some regions but significant concern that it may disappear in a few years in Mexico.

While it is common to see seagulls, dolphins, sharks, and even some cats and dogs, seeing a bear on the beach is undoubtedly a rare sight. Nonetheless, it’s something that captures people’s imagination and sparks their curiosity, and this bear’s swim has certainly done just that.

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