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Baby Joins Grandfather in a Song, Watch

A video of a grandfather and his baby grandson shows that music truly is a universal language, spanning all ages.

Tina Burton Middlet went viral in 2022 when she shared a touching video of her then-two-month-old son reacting to his grandfather’s beautiful singing voice. That same video has resurfaced on social media nearly two years later, capturing hearts all over again.

In the clip, the grandfather cradles the newborn and sings Completely Yes by Sandra Crouch. The baby is captivated by the music, studying his grandfather’s face closely. Soon, he starts to coo along. The two share precious moments as the grandfather continues to sing and engage with the baby.


Amazing! Two months old sings with his G-Pa 🥰 #Amazing #Unbelievable #BabySings

♬ original sound – tinaburtonmiddlet

In the comments, viewers expressed their love for the “best duet EVER.” What stood out even more to them was the strong bond between the baby and his grandfather.

“Your baby is so lucky to have this memory for his lifetime,” one commenter shared.

“Baby is precious,” another person wrote. “But that Papa was sent down from heaven for the boy. Wish them many years of this.”

“Grandpa’s voice was very soothing, and the baby felt it. I hope this continues throughout his growing life,” another follower noted.

“This melts my heart,” another commenter admitted. “So, I just know Grandpa’s heart is a big ol’ puddle of love.”

Commenters were also amazed at how a tiny baby could connect so deeply with his grandfather and even attempt to sing along.

“This warms my whole insides 🥰. Your little baby is incredible too!!!” someone shared. “I have never seen a baby this tiny mimic sounds like this!”

“This baby is just special and amazing 😍 a singer at heart,” another person gushed. “Sing, baby.”

Source: Your Source Names