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Baby’s Adorable Reaction to Seeing Her Reporter Mom on TV for the First Time

This baby’s reaction to seeing her reporter mom on TV for the first time might be the sweetest thing you’ll watch all day.

ABC Denver affiliate KMGH’s sports anchor Bradey King welcomed her daughter, Goldie, on January 11 and returned to work in April. While Bradey has covered dozens of stories since ending her maternity leave, it wasn’t until late June that Goldie spotted her mom on the television.

The day the little girl recognized her mother on the screen, her face lit up, and she continued to watch—completely enamored and beaming with joy. Someone caught the reaction on camera, and Bradey shared it with her social media followers.

“Get you someone that looks at you like this 😭😭😭,” she captioned under the precious clip.


get you someone that looks at you like this 😭😭😭#momsoftiktok #motherdaughter #sportsreporter #baby #viral

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In the short time the video has been up on Instagram and TikTok, it has amassed over 5 million views.

After the video went viral, Bradey spoke with Good Morning America and said how “fun” it’s been that the “video has just taken on a life of its own.” She’s proud to be working in a male-dominated field, and she’s excited to share that with her little girl.

“It’s cool to be a woman in sports and have your daughter get to see you do what you love,” she said.

“I can’t even explain to you,” she continued. “I think I was just laughing and giggling and starting to tear up. Honestly, it was just the cutest thing ever and … apparently the world thinks so too.”

More importantly, Bradey is proud of her daughter for bringing so much joy to people with her simple, genuine reaction. Bradey’s “motto” is “just to be the light,” and that’s exactly what her little “golden girl” is doing.

“I have that as a tattoo,” she shared. “And that’s just always been my motto, and so I hope that that’s one thing I pass on to her, is just trying to make others smile and feel good.”

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