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Bachelor in Paradise delayed, but not canceled

Bachelor in Paradise delayed, but not canceled

We were just lamenting Bachelor in Paradise’s absence from ABC’s summer and fall schedule. It seems the universe has answered our call! The network has announced that the beachy spin-off will return for a tenth season, much to the delight of Bachelor Nation, which loves the fun, messy romp in the sand. There is, however, going to be a notable delay.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans will have to wait until 2025 to dive into the deep end of love with a yet-to-be-announced cast. This was somewhat expected as ABC just launched Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette. Her love story will traverse multiple beautiful, foreign locales, with the first stop being in Melbourne, Australia. Due to their shooting schedule, they had to switch to a different mansion.

Then, on September 18, just a little over two months from now, viewers will be whisked into Joan Vassos’ quest for love on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelorette. As an alum of The Golden Bachelor, it’s Joan’s turn to be swept off her feet by suitors and potentially meet the man she’ll spend the rest of her life with, as she hopes. The back half of 2024 will focus on the women before a new leading man steps into the spotlight for The Bachelor season 29, which is expected to premiere midseason.

This scheduling leaves Bachelor in Paradise season 10 anticipated for a summer 2025 premiere, which fans are eagerly awaiting. The franchise’s expansion will likely shift the release cycle to accommodate the five series that comprise this interconnected unscripted universe on broadcast television. Consequently, ABC may alternate between which shows will skip a television year and which will air.

Bachelor Nation will need to brace themselves and adjust to this change. However, it does mean that there will be different aspects of the franchise to enjoy, whether it be wholesome like the ‘Golden’ iterations, wild like ‘Paradise,’ or dramatic like the original series. There is also a possibility that one day there might be a Golden Bachelor in Paradise, bringing ABC’s stable for this universe up to six series.

The producers of the dating series are interested in creating a version of the beach-set series for seniors. Executive producer Jason Ehrlich had this to say about the possibility:

“We’d love to do that eventually. I mean, how fun would it be to see single men and women in their 60s and 70s on the beach or in the Bachelor pad or somewhere, hanging out and falling in love? We’d love to do that and hope we get the opportunity.”

It’s clear that this franchise is a money-maker for the network. For those of us invested in its roster of shows, it’s always good news when one of the programs gets renewed. Stay tuned for more news and coverage on this beloved franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter