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‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Disagrees With Fiancée Kelsey Anderson on Birkenstocks
Image Credit: Getty Images

Like any couple, former Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson occasionally find themselves in disagreements, especially when it comes to their attire for special occasions. Recently, this dynamic was showcased in a TikTok video posted by 25-year-old Kelsey, which quickly went viral.

In the video, Kelsey is seen dressed in a stylish light gray-blue blouse paired with white pants. Joey, 29, on the other hand, opted for a striped button-down shirt with khaki shorts and Birkenstock sandals. As they prepared for a nice dinner, Kelsey asked Joey to change his sandals, noting the occasion demanded more formal footwear. She captioned the post, “Joey, you aren’t in Hawai’i anymore. Pls cage the dogs for dinner PS I love you.”

The video captures a brief but telling exchange between the couple. As Joey descends the stairs, Kelsey eyes his choice of footwear and questions, “Are you wearing those shoes?… Do you see what I’m wearing?… Let’s put some different shoes on.”

Joey, visibly surprised by her request, responded with, “Imagine if I said that to you,” to which Kelsey confidently replied, “You would never say that to me.” Nevertheless, Joey obligingly went to change his shoes, although he later asserted, “I’ll always stand with the Birkenstocks!”

The clip sparked a flurry of mixed opinions in the TikTok comment section. One user remarked, “Oooof It came off a little condescending. Let the man wear birks and go be happy at din together!!” Another added, “It’s summer.. you absolutely can wear sandals. And they’re Birkenstocks which are nice. Not like he has on Nike Slides.”

A multitude of voices rallied behind Joey, with one commenter passionately stating, “LEAVE JOEY AND HIS BIRKENSTOCKS ALONE.”

Contrarily, some viewers were more sympathetic to Kelsey’s perspective. One TikTok account noted, “‘You would never say that to me,’ that’s mother right there.” Another shared a more traditional view, stating, “Gents, if you’re eating INSIDEEEEE a nice restaurant idc what time of year it is – wear closed-toed shoes please gawd.”

The post comes amid Joey and Kelsey’s engagement reveal earlier this year on season 28 of “The Bachelor.”

Source: Particle News