Back 4 Blood will focus on adjusting its difficulty

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Back 4 Blood, the new cooperative multiplayer game from Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of Left 4 Dead, still has problems to solve. It has been admitted by the study itself in a Reddit entry, in which they have reported that one of its main objectives It is still polishing the gaming experience, which largely depends on the balance of its difficulty. However, they point out, the bugs are complicating “more than necessary” this work.

“The difficulty has to be our ‘bear’ in the Back 4 Blood story,” Turtle Rock commented in a Twitter post. The reference to the baby bear is an expression to underline the importance of this adjustment. “It just needs to be okay.” In their words, they want it to be “tense” but also challenging. “We want you to make it to a narrowly safe room, with the horde on your heels” and you feeling that sense of urgency.

In search of the perfect balance

“We do not want it to be unmanageable or unfair, it is in our mission.” They stress that players must “win or die, prevail or perish by their own actions.” In other words, the intention is for Back 4 Blood players to use their “Skill, planning and teamwork” to survive in this zombie world. “This is our goal, and in part achieving it depends on finding the right balance through constant adjustments in various of the chart systems, spawning, AI and other facets that affect gameplay ”.

Back 4 Blood has been available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC since last October. Turtle Rock has also unveiled the roadmap for the future, which includes free and paid content. One of the most interesting is Tunnels of Terror, a first expansion (of three) that will see the light in 2022.

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