“Back in the neighborhood”: Santiago Suárez’s gift to Raysa Ortiz that ended up in the trash

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Raysa Ortiz and Santiago Suárez met on “Back to the Neighborhood,” the América Televisión program that became one of the favorites on Peruvian television. The young actors are a couple in fiction and in real life, showing that they have great chemistry in front of and behind the cameras.

Ortiz and Suarez play Estela Bravo and Beto Ganoza Ugarte in “Back to the neighborhood”, a wedding couple that pours out love and at the same time struggles with their jealousy. Playing a passionate couple in fiction aroused emotions among the actors and by the beginning of 2019 they had already started a relationship.

First they were friends for a long time and then they decided to start their romance. The couple have been together for three years now, time in which their relationship has become stronger and in which they have gotten to know each other more. Even their exquisite tastes. Here we tell you a funny anecdote about the popular couple from “Back in the neighborhood”.

In an interview for the program “They are in all”, Raysa Ortiz and Santiago Suárez participated in a fun game of questions. The actors were happy and confirmed that they have been in a love relationship for three years.

During the questions, the actors demonstrated the great trust they have and how much they know each other. The couple knows each other’s tastes very well and during a challenge they told a funny anecdote when they began to know each other.

In one of the questions, the actors had to guess which is their partner’s favorite dessert. To which Raysa replied that she doesn’t have a favorite dessert because she doesn’t like sweets.

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“I don’t eat a lot of candy, but I always try to eat healthy things,” said Raysa, laughing, as she watched Santiago, who was joking about the subject.

The actor who plays Beto Ganoza Ugarte in “Back in the neighborhood” told an anecdote that he lived when he first met Raysa, it was there when he discovered that he did not like sweets.

“One of the first gifts I gave her was some very tasty toffees and I found them thrown away there. […]But they were very sincere- Raysa and Sirena-, they said no thanks. They don’t eat sweets, ”said Santiago Suárez.

Laughing, Raysa confirmed what her lover Santiago Suárez was saying. And it is that neither the young woman nor her sister likes sweets.

While making the recordings of “Back to the neighborhood” and in the middle of the pandemic, Raysa Ortiz received the excellent news that she had managed to pass a casting for a film project. This feature film was called “Misfit” and was produced by Plug TV.

“It is the first film I have made, apart from that I have recorded it in another country (Ecuador). It has been a great experience, for me it is a great project, I am very happy about it and I hope that people like it ”, he told the official website of América Televisión.

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