“Back to the neighborhood”, final chapter: Michelle ended up with Pedrito at a graduation party | VIDEO

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The final chapter of the series “Back to the neighborhood” It was lived on the night of Friday, December 17, and it was full of emotions.

While Malena (Monica Sanchez) and Pichón (Paul Martin) got married in a spontaneous civil ceremony, Pedrito (Samuel Sunderland) ended up in the middle of the graduation party.

Michelle decided to end her love story with Pedrito after she noticed that her indecisive partner was feeling more than friendship for Alicia.

“Why aren’t you being honest with me. Something has happened to you a long time ago and you don’t want to accept it. I am not upset, well maybe a little because we have had to come up to now to realize that ours is not the same anymore “, express.

“Those things happen. You and Alicia have many things in common and they love each other very much. So tell me she’s just your friend … You’re a good boy and ours was nice while it lasted and maybe it’s better that it ends like this and that we don’t hurt ourselves anymore ”, Michelle concluded.

Finally, Pedrito accepted Michelle’s decision and went in search of Alicia to discover her true feelings for her friend: “Actually, she’s just my friend, but I don’t know why I care so much.”

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