“Back to the neighborhood”: who is Luis Miguel, Estela’s new illusion

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Back to the neighborhood”Continues to add new actors to its main cast in order to further enrich the story less than three months before its grand finale. Thus, for some chapters, the heart of Estela Bravo It has returned to beat with much more force and, despite his disappointments, it seems that in the end he intends to give love one more chance. At least that’s what he feels every time he sees Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel, the character played by the young Peruvian actor Filippo Storino, is one of the recent reinstatements. On Back to the neighborhood, he is a friend of Sebastián, current partner of Sarita Bravo. The young man comes to the popular neighborhood of San José as Estela’s love interest, although at first, she still feels confused by Julito Ganoza, the twin gives her an opportunity to get to know him a little more.

Estela is excited and already shares moments with Luis Miguel, under the gaze of a jealous Julito. However, things will go very well between them; mostly because it seems that Bravo pigeon He has given it his approval, albeit in his own way. But who is behind this new character? Let’s know a little more about Filippo Storino.

The new illusion of Estela Bravo, Luis Miguel, is played by the young actor Filippo Storino. He was born in Lima and is currently an interpreter in training. Although he has studied Law at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, where he also studied International Business.

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At just 25 years old, Storino is a sports lover and passionate about healthy living. In fact, in his , with more than 64 thousand followers, he usually shares his different routines to keep fit; in addition to releasing some tips to train from home.

Although he is still an actor in training, life on television is not alien to him, since Filippo in 2014, when he was just 18 years old, was part of “This is war”, where he shared the program with Brunella Horna and a recently admitted Patricio Parodi.

In the program hosted by Mathías Brivio and Johanna San Miguel, Storino was part of the Cobras team, although at the moment he left the competition. “People I inform you that since Thursday, May 29 (2014) I am no longer participating in” This is War “, I WILL RETIRE”, he announced on his account .

It has been more than seven years to see it on screens again. In fact, as a result of his incorporation to “Back to the neighborhood”, Filippo Storino was called to be part of the reporting staff of the “You are in all” program, conducted by Choca Mandros and Natalie Vértiz every Saturday.

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