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“Back to the neighborhood”: why Elisa rejected the wedding ring that Dante gave her

Back to the neighborhood”Is one of the most beloved family programs of the peruvian television, since its premiere in 2017. The show that began set in the 70s and moved to the present since 2020 is known for its fun characters, among which Elisa and Dante stand out.

Elisa Tenaud and Sergio Djurinovic They are the actors who embody one of the most controversial and beloved couples on the show. Although Elisa’s character left the San José neighborhood for a while, it didn’t take long for her to return and resume her relationship with the ‘Señorcito’, only this time they are willing to marry.

In one of the last episodes, Dante again asks his beloved for her hand with an opulent ring that she rejects. What is the reaction of Sandoval’s daughter? In the following lines he knows his main reasons.

After Dante gives the elegant ring to Elisa, the young woman cannot contain her surprise and tries on the ring at the request of her partner; however, something seems to bother him and he takes it off at the moment. When the ‘Señorcito’ asks her why, she fearfully confesses that she liked the previous one more.

Given Elisa’s response, Dante explains that this cannot be possible because the previous model was much simpler and cheaper. That detail does not seem to interest his girlfriend, who affirms that the other model is more important because it symbolizes what he said the first time: that he wanted to be with her forever.

Although Dante’s feelings towards Elisa have not changed, the young woman insists that she prefers the ‘tin’ ring, as it has greater sentimental value. This is how, after thinking about it for a while, the ‘Señorcito’ tells him that he will sell the new ring and he will put the money in the savings account of both, a response that is to the liking of his beloved.

Nena is the brichera scriptwriter and Elisa’s mother, who came to the neighborhood after learning that his daughter had disappeared. Nena Cárcam is a woman dressed in dirty rags, grief-stricken and without manners.

His arrival at “Back to the neighborhood” occurs in the midst of the disappearance of his daughter and one of the first people he meets in the neighborhood is his son-in-law Dante Ganoza, who from his back mistook her for his beloved. She confesses that she is Elisa’s mother and he, although incredulous, asks her why she abandoned her daughter. Nena responds that “erased cassette “, arguing that he had amnesia.

The doubts about whether she is the true mother of Dante’s wife are cleared when Luis Felipe, Elisa’s father, recognizes ‘the scriptwriter brichera’ in the middle of the street – despite the fact that many years have passed and she is a homeless person.

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