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Backstreet Boy-Loving Dancing Dogs Star in Internet’s Coolest Video

It’s a parent’s job to teach kids about good music, even pet parents. And X influencer The Instigator has been taking that job seriously with his two dancing dogs.

The Instigator, AKA Blujay Winston, recently posted the “coolest video on the internet right now” to his page, and it’s both impressive and hysterical. It shows Blujay and his dogs jamming out to As Long As You Love Me in their car. The trio is dressed in matching attire, which includes gold chains and black sunglasses. Blujay and the dog riding shotgun wear blue tank tops while the dog in the back wears a pink tank. Blujay sings the lyrics while the dogs move to the beat, and they’ve actually got rhythm!

Winston posted his cute clip on June 29, and it immediately went viral. In less than a day, it already had nearly 8 million views. We’re sure that number will keep climbing quickly because it’s so fun, wholesome, and innocent that everyone wants to share it with their friends.

“The entire reason the internet exists in one video,” someone wrote in the comments.

“The dogs got steeze and maximum composure,” another person laughed. “And they look like the owner.”

“This is one of the best videos I’ve seen today. And maybe in the last month!” someone admitted. “I absolutely love it.”

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