Bad Bunny & Grupo Frontera Drop ‘Un X100to’ Track in New Music Video

By: Dan Cooper

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Bad Bunny’s New Success with Grupo Frontera

On this Monday morning, Bad Bunny has premiered his collaboration with the regional Mexican band, Grupo Frontera, titled “un x100to”. The song has a cumbia/reggaeton style and is about someone trying to forget their past partner. This is the first time that Benito Martínez has collaborated in this genre.

Bad Bunny’s show at the Coachella festival in California was one of the biggest and most spectacular performances of the night. The concert was attended by model Kendall Jenner who was seen dancing and having a great time. The two have been spotted together before and rumors of a romance have been circulating since February.

About Grupo Frontera

Grupo Frontera is a regional Mexican musical group that formed in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico in 1986. Their musical style is a mix of traditional cumbia with elements of norteño and tropical music, creating a unique sound on the Mexican music scene.

The group reached its peak of popularity in the 1990s with hits like “Cielo Azul, Cielo Nublado”, “Sombra del Amor”, and “Si Tú Supieras”. They have released several albums including “Frontera Mix”, a medley of their most popular songs.

Grupo Frontera’s Greatest Hits

  • Cielo Azul, Cielo Nublado: A romantic cumbia song that became a phenomenon on the Mexican music scene and has remained popular to date.
  • Sombra del Amor: Another romantic cumbia hit with catchy lyrics and an upbeat melody, making it a classic of Mexican tropical music.
  • Si Tú Supieras: A cumbia song that combines tropical and norteño rhythms, with romantic and catchy lyrics that make it ideal for dancing and having fun.
  • Te Quiero Más: A romantic cumbia with an upbeat rhythm and emotional lyrics that have resonated with audiences.
  • Frontera Mix: A medley of various Grupo Frontera songs that includes a mix of their most popular hits, creating a danceable and catchy mix.

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