“Bad Bunny meets Met Gala: Raúl de Molina’s iconic tribute steals the show!”

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Bad Bunny shines at the Met Gala with his Jacquemus suit

Bad Bunny made a striking appearance at this year’s Met Gala, dressed in an intricate Jacquemus suit that turned heads on the white carpet. The theme for this year’s event was dedicated to the memory of Karl Lagerfeld, and Bunny’s ensemble, featuring a white blazer-style double-breasted jacket with a low-cut back and a puffed stole with the emblematic camellias of Chanel, perfectly captured the essence of the evening.

Accompanied by his designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Bunny posed for the cameras, contrasting his partner’s all-black outfit with his own oversized white tweed suit and double-breasted jacket with a buttoned bareback. He accessorized his outfit with pearl earrings and a camellia stole, which received mixed reactions from the fashion audience.

While some praised Bad Bunny’s look for its impeccable execution, others couldn’t resist poking fun at the outfit. Univisión presenter Raúl de Molina even replicated the look, complete with a stole made of rolled napkin paper.

Whether you prefer a serious and groomed Bad Bunny or a mischievous “Fat Bunny” like Molina, there’s no denying that the Puerto Rican singer knows how to make a splash on the fashion scene.

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