Bad Bunny’s Puerto Rican Search: The Quest for What’s Missing in LA

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Bad Bunny Takes the World by Storm, Even as He Remains True to Himself

Bad Bunny has been making headlines since moving to Los Angeles earlier this year. From his rumored romance with Kendall Jenner to his impressive performance at the LA Lakers basketball court, Bad Bunny has been keeping busy. He has also recently released two new songs, ‘un x100to’ and ‘WHERE SHE GOES,’ the latter being the international official theme of Pepsi’s ‘Press Play On Summer’ campaign.

Despite his busy schedule, Bad Bunny remains grounded and true to himself. In a recent interview with Vida y Estilo, he opened up about his mental health, how he handles criticism, and the price of being a transgressive artist. He also revealed where his muse lives, and it’s not in Los Angeles.

“There is a saying that you have to think about the love of your house and not the hate of your neighbor,” said Bad Bunny when reflecting on the effect of criticism on his life. He takes the view that there will always be people who like what he does and people who don’t. He stays positive and focuses on the people who love and support him.

Bad Bunny’s self-confidence has seen him through the early stages of his career, when he used to sing his songs while bagging groceries at a supermarket in his hometown. Nowadays, he continues to be himself, whether it’s through his music, fashion, or personal life.

Bad Bunny has accomplished a lot in his career, but he remains humble and grateful for his success. He finds it incredible that he has impacted so many people’s lives and contributed something positive to them. He also continues to draw inspiration from his home in Puerto Rico, which he describes as the Island of Enchantment.

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Despite his success, Bad Bunny remains grounded and true to himself. He is an inspiration to his fans and continues to push boundaries in the music industry. Whether he’s collaborating with Grupo Frontera on a regional Mexican song or debuting in Hollywood alongside Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny is always himself and always making waves.

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