Bad Bunny’s Racing Loyalty: Why He Prefers Checo Pérez Over Verstappen Despite a Performance Tribute

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Sergio Checo Pérez and Bad Bunny reunited once again in Monte Carlo, Monaco, prior to the start of the Monaco Grand Prix tests. As the Puerto Rican artist said, “I’ll always be there for the person who was there for me.” Photos of Bad Bunny’s visit to the Red Bull team paddock with whom Checo belongs have been circulating for some time now. They were seen smiling, relaxed and now the reason behind this happy moment is known. The Puerto Rican artist presented a special edition helmet that the Mexican driver will use on the Monte Carlo circuit.

Bad Bunny paid a visit to the Red Bull team before activities begin at the Monte-Carlo circuit. Everything was recorded on a video that the team shared on their Instagram account. First, we see the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist wearing the helmet and then putting on the Red Bull uniform. With that look, why not try to feel the adrenaline on top of the RB19 car? Pérez notices and says, “hey, that’s my helmet I need it to run.” Bad Bunny returns it and wishes him success.

The famous Latinos met for the first time at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. Checo was in charge of driving Bad Bunny to the team area to hang out. “He is a very normal guy, very calm, good people, dedicated to his music and for a reason he has come so far,” comments the pilot. He also confessed that since then, his reggaeton began to sound more on his playlist, especially the summer one “Without You”.

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Bad Bunny is not alien to Formula 1 or speed racing and its protagonists, like Checo’s teammate, Dutchman Max Verstappen, whom Andrea quoted in his song “Life Goes On”. The pilots assured that Bad Bunny knew this would happen and made reference to the phrase “life goes like Verstappen in Formula 1”. The Puerto Rican prefers to spend time with the Mexican, and their friendship continues to flourish year after year.

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