Bad news for the Tomb Raider sequel?

According to its protagonist, Alicia Vikander, the project for the second part of Tomb Raider is not something that has already received the green light.

It seems that cinema and video games have not yet been able to make a good combination, but nobody wants to accept it. Despite a few isolated successes, the adaptation of the latter to the big screen is characterized by not working in the best way. In fact, with some titles things have been so complicated that they have tried reboots, but they do not give the expected results either. However, as in the case of Tomb Raider, things did not go bad at all, but it seems that not everything was rosy.

In 2018, under the leadership of Roar Uthaug, a new version of this popular product was released, in which a more adventure and exploration tone was taken, along with Indiana Jones O Treasure hunt. It didn’t get such bad reviews and grossed more than $ 270 million. With this, the production took advantage of the open story to work on a sequel.

However, they decided on a change of director, so they sought out Ben Wheatley to take over the project. Unfortunately for the production, he decided to leave the position, complicating the situation once again.

An alternative was quickly found, with the profile of being a star candidate. Is about Misha Green, creator of the acclaimed series of HBO, Lovecraft Territory. Right away, she got to work on a script and even gave it a alternate title to the film, but it seems that the pandemic of the COVID-19 put everything in suspense.

According to the great protagonist, the winning actress of the Oscar, Alicia Vikander, it was not a certainty that the second part received the green light. This he said when asked if it was a reality.

Before COVID I would have said yes … Now I think it is still a yes. There is no green light, but the script is in preparation, and I think everyone is excited and I would love to play again. Lara (Croft)“, he claimed.

On the other hand, he added that he has not yet read the script and explained why. In the same way, he spoke about the work of the new director.

It is very recent. It really is now that the world is working again [cuando se está escribiendo el guión], and Misha is on board and working on the script right now. So I am very excited to read something very soon.“He added.

Tomb Raider 2: Obsidian It does not yet have a possible release date, but more information is expected shortly.

Source: Collider

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