Badosa joins Swiatek in criticizing US Open balls

World No. 4 Paula Badosa has backed Iga Swiatek’s critical comments about the different tennis balls being used at the US Open between men’s and women’s competitions, saying it goes against of the players and the spectacle.

Swiatek said Wednesday that she didn’t like the balls to be used at the American Grand Slam, which are lighter for women than men, adding that players make more mistakes handling them, and doubted it would be “nice.” to see”.

“Very agree,” Spain’s Badosa said, embracing the Polish world number one’s words on Instagram on Friday, in a post where she placed her comments on a screenshot of Swiatek’s remarks.

“Very unfavorable conditions for the players and for the show,” she wrote, even adding a poop emoji for emphasis.

“Then we complain that there are a lot of mistakes and the tactics and intelligence in the points have been lost. (While dealing with) faster courts and uncontrollable balls.”

The 2022 US Open will start on August 29 and end on September 11.

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