Bake Off Argentina: two participants criticized by the jury received support in the networks

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Bake Off Argentina: two participants criticized by the jury received support in the networks

The wait is over and finally Bake Off Argentina Return to Telefe this week. The reality show seeks to face the country amateur pastry chefs, to compensate the best of them with the sum of one and a half million pesos. Under the leadership of Paula Chaves, a new generation of participants entered the kitchens to become protagonists of the program that will take place from Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 p.m.

Among the new cooks, two of them were very flattered in the networks. However, in the episode aired last night, they got a challenge from Damien Betular, the funniest member of the jury. It all started when the presenter began the creative challenge of the date in which the 14 confectioners they should test their technical prowess in the sweetest dishes.

Every Monday is going to be the moment where they let their imagination. Today more than ever we are going to fly. We are going to ask you to take us on a journey through the colors, flavors and textures. We want you to make a cake that is a one-way ticket to your place in the world.“, he pointed. And I add: “A landscape, a moment in your life, a wish or a memory. A cake that represents this exact moment in which they are or were happy”.

But apparently, some participants took it with more fun than others. Gino and Facundo, for example, they began to work together on the cake of the first of them. As they cooked, they couldn’t help but laugh, sing, and dance. The driver approached and marked them: “Are they bowling? What do they do? There are only 10 minutes left until the challenge ends”.

The real problem was when Betular discovered them and treated them as “cancheros”. Gino lashed out: “We came to have fun”. But the jury was not silent and retorted:I would have come to win. Finally, Chaves closed the moment by asking them to focus on the final minutes. Although the crossing was very funny, the truth is that the participant of Bake Off did not meet the jury’s expectations. In the networks, the story was different: users adored the freshness of the pastry chefs and supported them with their messages. Check out the best reactions here!

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