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Baldwin Family Avoids Media Frenzy as ‘Rust’ Trial Begins
Alec Baldwin, accompanied by his lawyer, shot a glare at journalists before marching wordlessly on to the New Mexico courthouse /AFP

“Mr Baldwin, are you worried this will end in jail time?” an Australian reporter asked as Alec Baldwin arrived at a New Mexico courthouse on Tuesday with his wife and young child.

Baldwin responded with a glare before continuing silently. The actor, who faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, does not appear to welcome the intense media scrutiny around his case.

In 2021, Baldwin held the gun that discharged a live round, killing a crew member on the set of “Rust.” He maintains that he did not know the gun was loaded and insists he did not pull the trigger. If convicted, Baldwin could face up to 18 months in prison.
Global media attention has descended on Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial /AFP

The journey to the trial has been intricate and protracted, with charges against Baldwin being filed, dropped, and re-filed by prosecutors. Baldwin’s lawyers have repeatedly tried to get the case dismissed, but their motions were denied by a resolute judge.

On Monday, Baldwin made an unexpected appearance at a pre-trial session at the Santa Fe courthouse, presenting a composed demeanor. He took notes on a yellow pad, carried in a Barnes & Noble bookshop tote bag, and spent a break watching videos on his smartphone in a courthouse corridor.

Returning to court on Tuesday, Baldwin was accompanied by his wife Hilaria and one of their seven children. Approximately 15 minutes later, Stephen Baldwin, another member of the Baldwin acting family, arrived to support his brother.
Prosecutor Kari Morrissey (C) will argue that Alec Baldwin is guilty of involuntary manslaughter /AFP

The courtroom scenes had an air reminiscent of the reality TV show the Baldwins are filming for the US network TLC. The show promises to reveal “the ups and downs; the good, the bad, the wild and the crazy” of life with the Baldwin family, whose seven children range from 20 months to 10 years.

However, on Tuesday, the Baldwins remained tight-lipped. Arriving in separate black Chevrolet SUVs, flanked by a nanny and a team of lawyers, Alec and Hilaria declined to answer any questions from the gathered media outside the Santa Fe courthouse.

The only sound came from their young baby, who could be heard wailing in the background as Baldwin entered the courthouse where his future will be decided.

Source: AFP