Balmuda Phone: Japanese toaster manufacturer builds cell phones with a curve

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The Japanese electronics manufacturer Balmuda has presented its first cell phone: The Balmuda Phone with a 4.9-inch display is a mini smartphone by today’s standards and has so far only been announced for the Japanese market – for the equivalent of a good 800 euros.

The Balmuda Phone stands out from other cell phones primarily because of its curved shape: The Balmuda Phone is significantly thicker (14 millimeters) in the middle (14 millimeters) than at the edges, which means that the cell phone should lie more naturally in the hand. Balmuda states the weight of the unconventional smartphone at 140 grams.

Balmuda is a Japanese manufacturer of expensive household electronics: the company sells a toaster for around 300 euros on its website, as well as a kettle and a portable lantern. Various fans from the Japanese manufacturer can also be found on Amazon. The Balmuda Phone is now supposed to attack the iPhone, Reuters quoted CEO Gen Terao.

The Balmuda Phone bulges to better fit the hand.

(Image: Balmuda)

The hardware inside the Balmuda phone is decent: the core is a Snapdragon 765 with 5G support, which is supported by 6 GB of RAM. The battery is a bit small with 2500 mAh, the resolution of the 4.9-inch display is FullHD.

The front camera of the Balmuda Phone is embedded in a rather large punchhole that was placed in the top right of the display. The cell phone also has a fingerprint sensor and supports NFC. The manufacturer has created an extensively edited user interface based on Android 11. So far there is no information on whether the Balmuda Phone should also be sold in Europe and the USA.


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