Balmuda Phone, the first mobile of the authors of a cult toaster in Japan

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380 euros. This is the price we see on eBay for the Balmuda Toaster, one of those devices that not many people will have at home, since not many people can spend – or would want to spend – that price on a toaster.

Because that’s the Balmuda Toaster: an absolutely Premium toaster and the iPhone of toasters basically, because unlike the one you have at home, the Balmuda uses steam technology, heat control and five different modes to bring out the best in any type of bread.

Balmuda Phone

As exotic as today’s (very healthy) oil-free fryers, the Balmuda Toaster, which can also be used not only for toasts but also to make some cookies, pizza and even frozen food, came out in 2016 and it has acquired a certain cult status and success in countries like Japan. And its creators of lto Balmuda company -based in Tokyo by the way and authors also of a coffee pot that costs 520 dollars-, have announced another Premium device for their catalog of Premium products for the home: A mobile phone, your first mobile phone.


The Balmuda Phone is a mobile with 5G connectivity and supports wireless charging. Its screen is 4.9 inches with 1080p resolution, and it comes with a 48-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera, as well as a fingerprint sensor. The Balmuda Phone is powered by a processor Snapdragon 765, and has 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage and a 2,500 mAH battery capacity.

Mid-range mobile, high-end price

The device comes with a Android 11 based OS and it has a custom designed home screen with Balmuda’s version of basic apps like calendar and clock, and it fits in hand. As we can see, the smartphone has characteristics that encompass it within the mid-range, and its design, similar to that of HTC One X, stands out for the pronounced curve of its rear panel.

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It is manufactured by Balmuda in conjunction with the industrial ceramics company Kyocera Corp. and is offered by the mobile phone company SoftBank Corp, which was the first to bring the iPhone to Japan. And following the company policy, this device will sell for much more than in theory it should cost, since the price of the Balmuda Phone is about crazy 104,800 yen, 807 euros to change nothing less, a certainly high amount for what it offers.

Balmuda Phone, the first mobile of the authors of a cult toaster in Japan

And it is that the mobile will have to face stiff competition from Apple, which has achieved iPhone sales in Japan of $ 28.5 billion Until September. The 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini is almost 20% cheaper in Japan than the Balmuda Phone, so we will see how many of the latter are sold. Although, as is clear by looking at the Balmuda toaster or coffee maker, with the Balmuda Phone you are paying more for the design and the brand than the power itself.


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