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Banco Santander on Black Friday: accumulates cuts, but with more volume

Banco Santander already has the somewhat more than Black Friday week underway. The idea is the implementation of a financing campaign for individuals that will be in force with a value of 90,000 million euros for your clients until December 5. A kind of showcase with discounted prices for products, up to 50%.

These are payments for up to three months without interest with any of your cards, but also with home or car insurance, with Amazon gift vouchers or pre-granted loans for freelancers and companies with 100% digital contracting. But it also opens the door to renting in Santander Boutique with better conditions from smartphones to cars.

And the client is always right, with new modalities until it becomes the first bank it hopes to offer, or at least for the moment he considers it options beyond custody to qualify for the universe of cryptocurrencies.

For now the value is still bearish in the market, although with an increase in contracting with volumes that in recent days have exceeded movements of more than almost 82 million shares. On the edge of 3 euros per share, the latest recommendations pass for the improvement of Jefferies to 3.30 euros from 3.10 per share while Morgan Stanley cut its route to 3.80 euros with advice to maintain the value, making it one of the cheapest in Europe, said the entity.

While from Marketbeat they maintain in the consensus of analysts the average recommendation to buy the security with a target price of 3.58 euros per share.

In its quotation graph we see that Banco Santander loses positions, to exceed 6% in the last 20 trading sessions, with 3 euros on the tightrope and cuts in November of 7.5%. He maintains however above 22.3% accumulated earnings so far this year, since last January 4.

While the entity is placed as the only Spanish in the category of global systemic importance with 29 more banks, in the classification prepared by the Financial Stability Board and is still included in this annual update.

For Mónica Triana García, Investment Strategies analyst “Santander moves away from the support zone around 3.04 euros per shareAs long as you don’t lose this zone, it is not a value that is especially troublesome. If a bullish turn is observed from the point where you are, the price could be around that reference ”.

While Santander “launches an attack on its 200-period or long-term simple moving average, the perforation of which would enable a rotation to the lower trading band of the secondary or medium-term lateral range, that we identify around 2.8445 / 2.8395 euros per share and, even, by proximity and relevance, the 2.7020 euros per share “, as indicated by Ei’s technical analyst, José Antonio González.

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