Bandai Namco Announces Logo Change; It will be released in 2022 around the world

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Bandai Namco Group has announced its new business vision for the immediate future; which will be accompanied by a new logo in magenta color that will be implemented in all its business areas, communications and materials from 1 April 2022, the date the next fiscal year begins.

“Given the intense competition in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace and the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, This decision aims to strengthen the Bandai Namco concept in each region, while taking advantage of the individuality of each company of the Group ”, comments Bandai Namco in the statement sent to the media. “Our ultimate goal is to continue building the Group’s brand value around the world.”

This is how a new logo is born that abandons the previous one, which has accompanied us for years, and also says goodbye to the colors red and orange, which in turn symbolized the sum of Bandai and Namco as a result of the merger of both entities into March 2006. What from 2006 to 2014 was Namco Bandai became, from that date, Bandai Namco.

The meaning of the logo: purpose, mission and use of magenta

“Our current logo expresses the merger of Bandai and Namco, created when the two companies merged. This will be replaced by a new logo that reflects our new purpose. All companies with Bandai Namco in their name will use this logo”, They underline. “And, in principle, companies with and without ‘Bandai Namco’ in their name will display this new Group logo on all their products and services. This will allow us to bring together the value of all our products, services and brands under a single logo and raise the value of the Bandai Namco brand. Group in the global market ”, they explain.

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As we can see, the logo will have two provisions. One of them in horizontal, with both words in a row, ready to corporate materials; another one square, with a line break between Bandai and Namco, more adapted for thumbnails, shortcut icons and relative actions mainly for products and services

The “bubble” motif of the new logo, “Fukidashi“In Japanese, it expresses the brand’s potential to, as they explain,” connect with people around the world and inspire them with surprising ideas. ” As is usual in companies of Japanese origin, their logos have a symbolism, a meaning and establish a business philosophy.

“The logotype represents our determination to communicate with fans around the world, to connect with our fans and to create unique entertainment for Bandai Namco. The magenta used as the color of the motif not only represents diversity, but also creates a bright and fun print and it is easy to reproduce ”, they complete. It is a primary color.

Bandai Namco will start using this logo in April 2022.

Source | Bandai Namco; via Gematsu


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