Bank delinquency falls to 3.88% in June, the lowest since January 2009

Bank delinquency falls to 3.88% in June, the lowest since January 2009

The delinquency of loans granted by Spanish banks fell to 3.88% at the end of June, from 4.18% the previous month, which goes back to the levels of January 2009 , which closed with a rate of 3.89%.

According to data published this Friday by the Bank of Spain, active loans at the end of June totaled just over 1,234 billion euros, slightly above the 1,222 billion in May, while unpaid or delinquent loans fell to 47,916 million, about 3,148 million less than a month before.

Compared to June 2021, credit delinquency has gone from 4.4% to 3.88% in June 2022, and the doubtful balance has decreased by more than 6,300 million.

In addition to the total data for the sector, the Bank of Spain publishes each month the aggregate delinquency of banks, savings banks and credit cooperatives (rural savings banks), on the one hand, and, on the other, that of consumer finance companies, specialists in large goods .

The delinquency of banks, savings banks and cooperatives fell to 3.8% from 4.08% that marked the previous month, its lowest since January 2009.

The drop in non-performing loans of deposit institutions is marked by the increase in the credit portfolio in the month of June, up to 1,182 billion euros, combined with the cut in the balance of non-payments by more than 2,800 million euros, up to 44,973 million .

On the other hand, the delinquency ratio of consumer finance companies (EFC) improved to 6.22% compared to 7.15% in May, breaking with the rise above 7% in the previous three months.

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The portfolio of these credits remained around 43,972 million euros, slightly above the 42,376 million registered in May.

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