Bankinter strengthens itself as one of the most sustainable banks in the world

Bankinter strengthens itself as one of the most sustainable banks in the world

The bank will be listed for the fourth consecutive year in the prestigious stock index Dow Jones Sustainability Index, both in Europe and in the world, which implies recognition of the global management of Bankinter in its environmental, social and governance performance. Bankinter manages to renew its position on the list of companies listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) mundial.

Thus, the entity will continue to be listed for the fourth consecutive year in the most prestigious international index in the field of sustainability. By revalidating your stay, Bankinter achieves recognition for its Sustainability policy that it has implemented through the successive plans implemented in recent years.

Pedro Guerrero, Chairman of Bankinter and also Chairman of the Sustainability Committee of the bank, has stated that “continuing to be listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is, of course, a great recognition of our performance guided by environmental, social and governance criteria, called ESG, but it also encourages us as a bank to remain in the path set in sustainability for years. We will persevere in our efforts to advance even further and be a bank that contributes to sustainable and inclusive development.

Bankinter It is located in the DJSI within the group of 24 banks with the best integrated management in the world in ESG (environmental, social and good corporate governance) criteria. The choice was published last night by S & P Dow Jones Indices after analyzing a total of 242 international financial institutions.

High score

Bankinter has obtained the highest score in the areas of customer relationship management, and environmental and social information reporting, also highlighting aspects related to attracting and retaining talent, labor practices, human capital development, strategy tax and privacy protection.

Likewise, the bank will continue to be part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index europeo, in which it appears in the group of the nine best banks in sustainable management. The entity has been part of this index since 2017.

For Bankinter, staying on these stock market indices is essential since it represents recognition of the efforts of all the professionals who make up the bank, since sustainability is a strategic and increasingly transversal priority in the organization. Management that is developed under rigorous criteria of excellence that include performance in all three dimensions: environmental, social and governance. Currently, the bank is developing the 2021-2023 Sustainability Plan, called 3D, due to its focus on the aforementioned axes.

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