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Do you know what the nicknames of the members of BTS? The most famous K-pop band in the world is made up of seven singers: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, who are idolized by millions of young people from all over grouped in a collective known as ARMY, that although it is the main ally of the artists, sometimes it can also become their greatest critic.

At first, almost all of the boyband figures put their true identities aside and took to the stage with some stage names: Suga, V, RM and J-Hope, nicknames that they themselves chose.

Since their debut in 2013, the singers have not only changed the name of the band, but also their stage nickname. This is how the BTS leader lowered his nickname from Rap Monster a RM and they were even analyzing the title that their fans would have, which ended up being ARMY.

Not only does the band give themselves their own nicknames, but so do their fans. Based on something related to their factions or style, the members of the ARMY are in charge of finding the best nickname that can define them, although that is not necessarily to the liking of the musicians. For instance, Jungkook and Sugar they are compared to a rabbit and a cat, respectively.

The 27-year-old musician was a street dancer before debuting in BTS and his stage name was “SmileHoya”. His name is actually Jung Ho-seok, but he has performed in the band as J-Hope and even calls himself the hope of the ARMY.

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Due to its physique, which they consider to be similar to that of a horse, they used to call it J-Horse. Although they point out that it was he himself who created this singular nickname, over time the singer said that he dislikes being called that.

It was during the presentation that the band had in the renowned Korean program “Knowing Bros”, that J-Hope He told how this nickname was born, when one of the drivers pointed out that he had a long face like that of a horse. It is at that moment the singer affirmed that that was the reason for the nickname, at the same time that he pointed out that he really does not like it very much; Likewise, he asked to be exchanged for another.

The Korean rapper and dancer began his career dancing with a street group, according to E !. In addition, J-Hope was rejected by another major entertainment producer in South Korea.

On a V Live broadcast, J-Hope revealed that because his father was a teacher, he cared a lot about his participation and performance in school, but he was much more interested in dance. The rapper said that, on one occasion, while preparing for his school exams, he locked himself in his room and, pretending he was studying, he played dance videos to improve his technique. But what he never imagined is that his father would find out.

At first, he did not like that he put so much interest in dance, but fortunately now he is very supportive, Hobi said in the talk. After that incident, the BTS star followed his dream … If you want to know what it was like when J-Hope worked as a dancer CLICK HERE.

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The ARMY, which translates to army, is the fandom of BTS and its name means in Spanish “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”. Although it is difficult to accurately calculate the number of people that make it up, it is known to have a presence in more than 100 countries.

The BTS fandom was officially born on July 9, 2013, in the wake of the K-pop band’s debut. The ARMY has a powerful presence on social media and is mostly made up of minors.

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