Bárbara de Regil: what is her real name and why does her makeup artist say she likes to hang on to the fame of others

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The actress Barbara de Regil She began her career on television in 2009 participating in the reality show New Generation Telehit, where she was looking for a producer for the music video channel. Shortly after he made his soap opera debut with “Bajo el alma”; However, despite having had large participations in different productions, she has been seriously questioned by her own makeup artist.

Born in Mexico, in 1987, the Regil became famous when she was part of the cast of the series “Rosario Scissors” -adaptation of the Colombian production-, where he made the character of the protagonist, Rosario. She is also the cousin of Mexican announcer and presenter Marco Antonio Regil.

But in addition to having stood out in several series and soap operas, the actress has recently been involved in an event that has attracted the attention of her fans and followers. This was the beginning of other revelations that have been made known and that, in one way or another, harm the artist.

In the social network of TikTok A user whose nickname is “Onkardevkaur3” shared her experience with De Regil, where she states that the actress’s real name is Claudia. It also explains what the artist’s personality is like and how she treats people.

She is a very rude woman, very rude”Says the user whose real name has not been identified.

He also specifies that he knows Barbara thanks to his family due to a great friendship from several years ago. In another of the revelations that this user makes is that the actress, allegedly, beats her mother and used her grandmother for financial gain.

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The latest version of the user TikTok coincides in one way or another with what one of his personal makeup artists commented.

Is about Xavier Kuri, Bárbara de Regil’s makeup artist, who, taking advantage of this same social network, shared a video in which she points out that she knew the actress for three years and was able to observe how she treated people.

The makeup artist also refers to the name of the artist and assures that Rebeca invented that Marco Antonio Regil is her cousin but that the truth is that there is no relationship between them.

That is your role, invent stories, hang yourself from the fame of others. So don’t say that people want to hang on to your fame“, He said.

Faced with this situation, the actress has found it necessary to choose to limit her comments on social networks, in addition, in her stories she responds to her detractors. The answers are related to the things that have been said about her in recent weeks.

All this has caused her followers to decrease or give her “dislike”, with which it has been calculated that more than 200 thousand users have withdrawn from the artist’s networks in a month.

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