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‘Barbie’ Actress Marisa Abela Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend: Congrats!

Love is in the air for Marisa Abela. The 27-year-old British actress, who recently wowed audiences with her portrayal of Amy Winehouse in the 2024 biopic Back to Black, is set to tie the knot with her partner of four years, West End theater performer Jamie Bogyo. The news broke on Sunday, July 7, when Bogyo shared a series of heartwarming snapshots and clips on his Instagram account.

In a playful nod to their relationship, Bogyo captioned the post: “She said she’d think about it!” The announcement featured Abela holding a red rose and flashing her new engagement ring for the camera. Accompanying this image were intimate videos capturing the couple’s tender moments post-proposal, including a surprise celebration with their nearest and dearest. While Abela has yet to make an official statement on her own social media platforms, she couldn’t resist leaving a comment on her fiancé’s post, describing herself as “A weeping mess.”

The timing of this personal accomplishment couldn’t be more fitting for Abela, who has been riding a wave of professional success. Her critically acclaimed turn as the late Amy Winehouse in Back to Black has thrust her into the spotlight, showing her versatility as an actress.

Reflecting on her experience portraying the iconic singer, Abela shared with People Magazine during the film’s London premiere in April: “I’m really excited. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to be singing. When you embody a character, you do what you have to do. And that’s my job as an actress, to embody her in every moment of her life and be able to tell the story in every single moment of her life.” The actress’s admiration for Winehouse was apparent as she continued, “How unique she was as an artist, how authentic, as a songwriter, one of the most incredible poets.”

Born in London in 1998, of Maltese and British heritage, Abela’s journey to stardom began on the theater stage before she transitioned to the screen. Her breakout roles in the BBC series Industry and the film Cobweb paved the way for her casting as Amy Winehouse, a part she secured after an extensive audition process that impressed director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Abela’s filmography also includes an appearance in the 2023 blockbuster Barbie as “Teen Talk Barbie,” further proving her status as a talented actress capable of handling diverse roles.

Source: People Magazine