“Barbie Faces Ban in Vietnam Over Controversy Surrounding National Sovereignty”

Barbie is Banned in Vietnam for Damaging National Sovereignty

Barbie is a few weeks away from theatrical release and fans are counting every day. The ambitious film by Greta Gerwig, starring Margot Robbie, has paralyzed social networks, waiting for a spectacular adventure where the most important thing is to achieve dreams and reflect on our environment.

Unfortunately, the tape will not have the opportunity to reach all countries, as reported by Variety, confirming that Vietnam has made the decision to ban the product for “damaging national sovereignty.”

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Barbie will tell us the story of the classic doll and her fantasy world, accompanied by other wonderful Barbies and the colorful life they have always led. However, something in the life of our blonde star changes forever when she travels to the real world and knows the difficult and confusing life of flesh and blood.

The first reactions are completely enthusiastic and herald an incredible odyssey embodied by Margot, who time and time again proves to be the perfect actress to play Barbie in the world we know.

But while many fans expect Barbie at their respective national box offices, in Vietnam They will not be able to see it, at least in theaters. Vi Kien Thanh, director general of the Vietnam Film Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, announced on Monday, July 3, that Barbie will not be shown in domestic theaters because “it shows a map showing the Line of Nine points, that is, China’s territorial claims in the South Sea, which violates its sovereignty.”

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