Barry York Tubb: Everything You Need to Know About Him

Barry York Tubb

Barry Tubb was born on February 13, 1963. He is 59 years old. His birthplace was Synder, Texas. He is basically an American director and actor. Barry worked for the film industry and made a considerable contribution to the television world.

He dedicated his life to acting between 1983 and 2014. As a child, Barry Tubb won the state bull-riding championship when he was of 15years only (the junior division). Barry York Tubb started stage training in San Francisco.

Barry started his training after graduating from Synder High School in 1981. In the mid-80s, Barry decided to move to Hollywood, and there he started his television and screen acting career.

According to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Barry Tubb’s Personal Information

Barry keeps a very low profile and does not let the media know much about his personal life. He never disclosed the identity of his father and mother. Hence, the information is currently unavailable.

Barry Tubb’s physical measurements are currently unavailable. There is no data uploaded by him regarding his height or weight.

As of 2022, it has been asserted that Barry Tubb is possibly single. But in the past, Barry was in two possible relationships. He dated Alexandra Paul (1987 – 1988) and Kelly McGills (1986 – 1987).

Barry Tubb got a regular role on the small-span baseball ensemble series ‘Bay City Blues’ and later in his career, he got the part of rookie police on ‘Hill Street Blues ’. He even played very challenging roles, ones that questioned societal norms.

Such a role demanded him to enact a shy, reserved homosexual boy who did come out to his father and mother in ‘Consenting Adult’. Barry also played a very rich corporate who got involved in a murder in the film ‘Billionaire Boys Club’.

But out of all Barry Tubb’s films and TV series, the most popular was his role as Jasper Fant in the epic show ‘Lonesome Dove’ and also its sequel ‘Return to Lonesome Dove’ in the year 1993. These were partly shot in Tubb’s native Texas.

Now Barry had a successful career as a  film actor as well. Tubb accepted a few supporting roles like in the movie ‘Mask’, as Wolfman in ‘Top Gun’ and in ‘The Legend of Billie Jean ’.

Barry co-starred with Lynn Redgrave and Mary Tyler Moore in the Broadway production of ‘Sweet Sue’, and this took place in the year 1988. In ‘Sweet Sue ’, Barry Tubb had to appear nude, and it had a run of a total of 164 performances.

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Also, in the following year, he presented himself in the drama ‘’Warm Summer Rain’, he was opposite Kelly Lynch. Barry had interests outside of Hollywood, and he also got into independent filming. 

Barry Tubb moved to France, and he did ride in a Wild West show. This happened in the year 1991. Barry had the most contribution in the ‘Cowboys and Indians’, where he starred, produced, directed, and co-wrote the script.

He also worked on a low-budget movie ‘Blood Trail’, which led to no huge offers for marketing and distribution. Barry York Tubb directed the family movie ‘Grand Champion’. The film was released in the year 2002 and talked about the exploits of a young boy who raised a prize-winning steer and also the hurdles he had to surpass in order to save it from the slaughterhouse. Barry York Tubb shot this movie in Synder, Texas, which is his hometown. Other than his acting career, Barry also was a part of the gatherings of the American Cowboy Culture Association, which organises the annual National Symposium and Celebration, each year, in the month of September, in Lubbock, Texas.

Barry Tubb’s Film Exposure

In the year 1983, Barry played the role of a football player in the movie ‘Christine’ directed by John Carpenter. Again in the year 1983, he played the role of Mickey Wagner in the American comedy-drama TV series ‘Bay City Blues ’(6 episodes) produced by Steven Bochco. 

In the year 1984, Tubb enacted the role of Officer Archie Pizer in the American serial police procedural TV series ‘Hill Street Blues ’ (4 episodes). In the year 1985, Barry worked in the American TV film ‘Consenting Adult ’ (TV movie) directed by Gilbert Cates and played the role of Jeff Lynd.

In the year 1985, he played the role of Dewey in the American biographical drama film ‘Mask ’ directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Again in the year 1985, he enacted in the American drama film ‘The Legend of Billie Jean’ directed by Matthew Robbins, and played the role of Hubie Pyatt. 

In the year 1986, he played the role of Wolfman in the American action film ‘ Top Gun ’ directed by Tony Scott. In the year 1986, he performed in the American anthology TV series ‘American Playhouse’ (Episode: The Wide Net).

In 1987, Barry enacted the part of Todd Melbourne in the two-part TV movie ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ (2 episodes) aired on NBC and directed by Marvin J. Chomsky.

In the year 1989, he enacted as a guy in the drama movie ‘Warm Summer Rain’ directed by Joe Gayton.  Again in 1989, Tubb worked in the American epic Western adventure TV miniseries Lonesome Dove directed by Simon Wincer, as the character Jasper Fant.

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After these two again the same year 1989, Barry played the role of Wayne Gibbs in ‘Valentino Returns’.In the year 1990, Barry played Trey Cousins in the TV movie ‘Without Her Consent ’ directed by Sandor Stern.

In 1991 he acted in the American drama film ‘Guilty by Suspicion’ directed by Irwin Winkler and his role was of the character Jerry Cooper. In the year 1993, Barry enacted in the American four-part TV miniseries Return to Lonesome Dove (4 episodes) directed by Mike Robe and he played the character of Jasper Fant in this sequel.

In 1997, he worked in ‘Blood Trail’ as a writer, film director, and film producer. In the year 1999, Barry played the character of Tuff in ‘The Big Day ’. He played the character of Captain Malcolm, in the 2001 American Western alternate history movie ‘American Outlaws’ directed by Les Mayfield.

In the year 2002, Barry Tubb played the character of Dr. Alfred/ Jesse James Davis in the family movie ‘Grand Champion’ (which was also released in Germany under the name ‘Buddy’s World’).

He was also the writer, film director, and film producer of ‘Grand Champion’. Barry Tubb was also a part of the 2004 ‘Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun’. In the year 2005, he acted the role of Need Hawks in ‘Blood Trail’.

Barry Tubb was a part of the 2005 ‘Truce’ and the 2005 neo-Western movie ‘The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada’ directed by Tommy Lee Jones. In the year 2008, he played the part of Gene in ‘Clown Hunt’. In the year 2009, he played Seth in the comedy film ‘Baghdad Texas’ directed by David H. Hickey. 

In the year 2009, Barry Tubb played the character of Randy in the American biographical drama TV movie Temple Grandin directed by Mick Jackson. Between the years 2009 – 2011, Barry worked in the American sports drama TV series ‘Friday Night Lights ’ as the character Tom Cafferty.

In the year 2010, Barry Tubb worked as the character Roy in ‘Dance with the One ’. In the year 2011, Barry played the character of Sheriff Michaels in ‘The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy ’. 

In the year 2011, Barry Tubb played the character of Tex in ‘Javelina’. In the year 2013, he enacted the role of Jim in ‘Dear Sidewalk’. Between 2013-2014, he worked in the American post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series ‘Revolution’ (4 episodes) created by Erik Kripke, as the character Malcolm Dove. 

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In the year 2014, he worked as Horace in ‘Two Step’. Barry York Tubb also worked in the American civil war TV movie ‘Deliverance Creek ’ Jon Amiel, as the character Jeb Crawford.

Where is Barry Tubb right now?

Barry Tubb is still pursuing acting as a career choice but since 2014 he is preferably keeping a low profile of himself. There is not much information available about him separating ways from Hollywood but he grew disillusioned about it and decided to get back to his roots to nurture that again. 

Barry had been doing a lot good in his career and that can easily be understood by reading his filmography but he grew disillusioned with Hollywood which is not very rare with actors.

He mentioned in an interview that sometimes this break is like going on a long-term vacation from work and also sometimes questioning why is one pursuing this in the first place.

Barry had already made a name for himself and was only going up in life, it was his conscious decision to take a break and step away from Hollywood. Whatever his reason might be or perhaps he was just bored of fame, it kept him away from Hollywood since his last appearance in 2014.

Hollywood is indeed a tough place to stay, he was not exactly the high-class or on his way to the Oscars but he had a place in Hollywood and perhaps selecting certain roles would have got him bigger a name.

Barry Tubb’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Barry Tubb is heard to be one of the most popular TV actors and is very rich. After analyzing all his property and assets it has been found that his net worth is near around $1.9 Million.

He also lives in his own lavish house, leading an extravagant life like other actors.

Even after a lot of research, no information could be gathered about his social media handles. He has no Facebook or Instagram account.

More Facts About Barry Tubb

  • Barry York Tubb was born in the 1960s which was the Baby Boomers Generation.
  • He was born on Wednesday.
  • Barry Tubb’s life path number is 7.
  • His birth flower is presumably Violet and Amethyst is his birthstone.
  • His nationality is American.
  • Barry’s ethnicity is white but his religion is unknown.
  • His sexuality is straight.

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