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Based on your attitude, does Jacob Elordi prefer Joey King or Kaia Gerber?

After playing Noah Flynn in The Kisses Stand, Jacob Elordi increased his number of fans immediately. This Australian actor was also classified as one of the young gallants of the new era of the world film industry.

So much so that, all the relationships that Jacob Elordi maintained, they were always observed in great detail by their followers. Although, of course, the most talked about courtship of this interpreter was the one he went through with his castmate in The Kisses Stand, Joey King.

The romance between Jacob Elordi and Joey King was one of the most talked about. Photo: (Getty)

The protagonists of these films, which will close their story with a third film on August 11, lived a fleeting but passionate romance. It was the recording set that made them cross their paths for the first time and where they realized how in love they were.

In fact, a couple of years ago, Joey King revealed how they noticed that their bond went beyond simple friendship. “During filming, Jacob and I were just best friends. I guess there was no moment, but it was like saying that maybe there we would find something else“, He said.

Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber.  Photo: (HBO)

Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber. Photo: (HBO)

However, the love between Elordi and King came to an end, much to the fans, in 2018 and now each one has rebuilt their lives. For his part, Jacob Elordi has a courtship with Kaia Gerber, while Joey with Steven Piet.

Based on your attitude, who does Jacob Elordi prefer?

Sometimes, even if you don’t want it, body language is the most revealing of a person’s feelings. And that’s why the star of The Kisses Stand was discovered about his true feelings regarding his ex and current girlfriend.

Jacob and Joey:

Their relationship was one of the most critically acclaimed. They, during their short time together, were always very happy and, apparently, nothing was a hoax. Is that, psychological studies reveal that walking shoulder to shoulder or him putting his hand behind her waist indicates closeness, affection, comfort, chemistry and confidence and, it is just like the interpreters of Noah and Elle moved every time they were together.

Jacob and Joey conveyed immaturity with their kisses.  Photo: (Getty)

Jacob and Joey conveyed immaturity with their kisses. Photo: (Getty)

As for their kisses, during their relationship, Jacob and Joey were akin to showing what is known as kiko or piquito on camera. That is, it was a romance that is not so developed or mature and, the explanation for this, could be that at that time she was 17 and he was only 19 years old.

Jacob and Kaia:

As for the way he walks, according to what the expert in body language Blanca Cobb explained, Jacob is always one step ahead of his partner, which means that they are not completely in sync with each other. This could mean that he is not as emotionally attached to Kaia.

Jacob always walked one step ahead of Kaia.  Photo: (Getty)

Jacob always walked one step ahead of Kaia. Photo: (Getty)

On the other hand, the kisses that Jacob Elordi He has with Gerber very different from those he had with his previous partner. On this occasion, according to Cobb, he is in control and, between the two, they convey confidence, passion and show that there is a lot of physical attraction.

So much so that, after knowing all this information provided by Blanca Cobb, it is easy to distinguish that the romance that Jacob Elordi had with Joey King was very important, but apparently it was not the right time. And, because of that, now he has a wonderful time with Kaia Gerber.


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