Batman Day: why it’s celebrated today, September 18

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The time has come to tour Gotham from the shadows. Batman, the Dark Knight, is one of the legendary superheroes, one who is characterized by not having any special powers. As Zack Snyder’s Bruce Wayne said, “My superpower is money”. But not only that, because in addition to using gadgets of all kinds, he also knows how to fight and function in a city full of villains and psychopaths. Batman Day celebrates all of that legacy, but why on September 18?

Actually, this year it fell on September 18, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is not the day, but the exact moment in which it is done. The tradition is not excessively long, quite the opposite. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, in 2014, Warner Bros and its publishing label organized Batman Day for the first time, but then it took place in the month of July. Later, it was decided that Batman Day had to be celebrated the third saturday of september, and from that moment on, the same guideline is followed.

Batman Day in different countries

Warner Bros and DC Comics have unveiled their roadmap for Batman Day 2021. In addition to the news in comics and audiovisual products, which we collect in this news, some events will also be organized locally, depending on each country, even beyond this day:

  • Completely new global experiences inspired by the world of DC Superheroes and Supervillains will debut in London in 2022, including a one-of-a-kind Batman-themed immersive experience in association with Department Studios, Inc. and Myriad Entertainment. UK fans can also sign up to win a free meal for 4 at Park Row, DC’s new premium immersive restaurant in London, and the latest Batman toy pack from Smyths on Cartoon Network.
  • France will pay tribute to Batman throughout the month with unique experiences for fans with the Batmobile at the largest toy store in Paris, the Village Jouéclub Paris, the possibility of sitting in the Batmobile, signing sessions at the Louvre with a reproduction Live from the cover of BATMAN: THE WORLD and much more.
  • France, Japan, Italy, Portugal and Latin America will feature Batman-themed programming on HBO, HBO MAX, Cartoon Network and more.
  • In Italy, to celebrate Batman Day, the Dark Knight will personally deliver the packages to their lucky recipients.
  • German fans can save on digital entertainment launches with the best Batman titles on Amazon, Apple, Google and other participating video stores.
  • In Japan, THE ART OF DC – THE DAWN OF SUPER HEROES exhibition will open in Fukuoka City on Batman Day. There will be a cross-promotion with Kodansha, DC’s editorial partner in the production of the original Batman: Justice Buster manga – available now in all bookstores in this marketplace!
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