Battlefield 2042: How to Fix Mouse Aiming Issues

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Battlefield 2042 already enjoys the news it has introduced update number 3, the largest it has received so far. However, it has not been without some problem that compromises the base experience. PC users are reporting that the horizontal axis of pointing does not work when using the mouse. This makes it impossible to move the camera properly.

From EA DICE they have shared a temporary solution that has to do with the installation files. Team instructs players to restore default settings deleting the file ‘PROFSAVE’. You will find it in my docs> Battlefield 2042> Settings.

All the adjustments you have made in the ingame configuration I know will reestablish at that moment. You must change the options you want again as when you started playing.

Battlefield 2042 console users ask for keyboard and mouse support

The community continues to demand various features that are not yet supported. Beyond full ingame bookmarks or voice chat, a player base calls for keyboard and mouse support in next-gen versions: PS5 y Xbox Series X|S.

“There is a high percentage of the gaming community that can’t upgrade your PCs to meet the requirements of Battlefield 2042, “say the organizers. “This is due to the shortage of computer components”, the distribution of which has been affected by speculators. “What used to cost 300 or 600 dollars” is now achieved “for 1,000 or 2,000 dollars.”

The arguments they make go even further. They explain that the launch of the new hardware it has led “many PC gamers to play on console with keyboard and mouse” as they “currently have the power” to get closer to computer settings. Another compelling reason is cross-play, a trend already present in titles like Call of Duty: Vanguard or Fortnite.

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