Battlefield 2042 Introduces Its New Operator, Irish; skills and background

Battlefield 2042 Introduces Its New Operator, Irish;  skills and background

Battlefield 2042 introduces its fifth operator: Kimble “Irish” Graves. For fans of the franchise, it will be familiar: the soldier was one of the faces that starred in the Battlefield 4 campaign mode, so this year’s installment will be a direct continuation of that universe.

Irish will feature several special gadgets. The DCS drop down coverage It will allow you to protect yourself from the bullets and explosives that hit it, while the APS-36 system will shoot down the demolition projectiles around you. In addition, as a passive perk, it will provide additional armor and bonuses when taking down enemies.

“Kimble ‘Irish’ Graves is a natural leader and the commander of the specialists aboard the Exodus. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, his natural leadership qualities and combat skills help him protect the homeless, “he explains. Electronic Arts on its official website. “Having learned firsthand the cost of war as a Marine, this skilled engineer is dedicated to protecting both his patrol and those who cannot fight for themselves.”

Bonus for booking

Those who pre-order the game will add the legendary skin Battle-hardened for this operator. In fact, the featured image in the header is the final version of the bonus. The cosmetic is not the only item that will accompany the pre-order: you will get early access to the open beta, the epic takedown knife ACB-90 from Baku, the epic weapon charm ‘Mr. Chompy ‘and’ landing ‘player card background and’ old guard ‘badge.

In recent weeks it has taken center stage Battlefield Portal, the second pillar on which Battlefield 2042 is built. It will have remastered maps of past titles in the saga, such as Bad Company 2. Click on this link to find out all the details about one of the great novelties of its offer.

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