Battlefield 2042 introduces Sundance, its first non-binary character

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Electronic Arts has made it official that the character Emma “Sundance” Rosier is from gender non-binary, that is to say, a person whose gender identity is neither male nor female. This move, which is unprecedented in Electronic Arts, is intended to serve as reflection of the reality of our society, where gender freedom is present; although still surrounded by discrimination.

Sundance, first person non-binary specialist in Battlefield 2042

The arrival of Sundance thus opens the doors to a group not previously represented in their video games, but it is patent in part of players who belong to the non-binary genre. Emma “Sundance” Rosier showed up just a few days ago; From that moment, in Anglo-Saxon lands they began to wonder if we were really dealing with a non-binary gender character when the pronoun “they”, Which is used to treat people who do not identify with either the male or female gender. One of EA’s Community Managers has confirmed this fact.

In the official Spanish portal of Electronic Arts no pronouns are used in the entire description: “Sundance likes to live on the edge. His skill and fearless attitude hide two very different lives: a more recent as a model soldier in the Armée de Terre and an earlier and much darker as a trusted member of a major Parisian crime syndicate ”, we can read.

Electronic Arts is positioned, however, close to the visibility of groups not generally represented in the electronic entertainment industry; which are also among the most rejected in modern times.

In Spanish, although the RAE does not collect it, this group prefers to be identified with the pronoun “she“; instead of “she” or “he”. The Royal Spanish Academy recommends, until the inclusion of this much demanded pronoun, “ask the person how they want to be treated” is considered again.

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Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to premiere around the world next November 19th en PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC.

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