Battlefield 2042, no keyboard and mouse on consoles, at least at launch

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Battlefield 2042 will not be playable with a mouse and keyboard on console, at least at launch. This has been confirmed by EA DICE in an official statement published on Steam. Even though the title features cross-play, the study needs to measure its steps well before adding this control option. Of course, it suggests that you are investigating the possibility of implementing it in the future.

“We’ve heard your questions about keyboard and mouse support on consoles,” DICE writes. “We can confirm that we will not implement it during the launch of Battlefield 2042, but we are still investigating various options to enable it”. They stress, however, that it depends on how it affects cross-play. “If that changes at some point, you’ll find out first.”

All out war against cheaters

Beyond fighting the enemy on the battlefield, developers must deal with a common problem in online multiplayer titles, cheats. EA DICE has already warned navigators and reported that your tolerance will be zero with the cheaters. In case they are discovered, the punishment will be permanent expulsion.

“Our community is the core of Battlefield and we are excited about how it has grown since the launch of Battlefield 1942, almost 20 years ago. With Battlefield 2042 we are going to reinforce our commitment to make sure the title maintains a friendly experience that encourages positive play. ” The study has also ensured that it will not allow harmful behaviors against others.

Battlefield 2042 will dispense with the campaign mode in order to focus on its multiplayer modes. Although the game was originally scheduled for October, the developer needed a bit more time, so they announced a slight delay. It will be the November 19th when the title hits stores for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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