Battlefield 2042 presents Exodus, its short film about the game’s previous history

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Electronic Arts has published this Thursday the official short film dedicated to Battlefield 2042, Exodus, a 9-minute film-cut production that tells us about the origins of the game’s story, a narrative revelation that also confirms the return of the character Kimble “Irish” Graves.

The short film offers a detailed look at the Civil War that takes place in Battlefield 2042 and introduces us to its full cast of playable characters, the so-called Specialists. One of the peculiarities of Exodus is that it brings back an old acquaintance for fans of the Battlefield saga, Kimble “Irish” Graves, from Battlefield 4, played by Michael K. Williams. He’s back in this game playable as a Specialist.

Kimble “Irish” Graves is back; We will meet 5 more Specialists soon

Exodus also introduces “Oz”, a mysterious character who will face Irish for the future of the despas and will establish an inevitable war conflict. Although Battlefield 2042 will not have a campaign mode, its narrative will be told in a whole new way within the saga throughout its three multiplayer modes.

Irish is the fifth specialist revealed for Battlefield 2042; We’ll see five more in the coming weeks, for a total of ten at the game’s launch. Each specialist will have a specific device and trait that only that character can use, further defining their respective playstyles.

In other news related to Battlefield 2042During these last days we have been learning details regarding the date of the open beta and the Batlefield Portal experience, of which we tell you everything here. Likewise, we remember that the game cannot be played offline and will enjoy cross-play on all platforms.

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Battlefield 2042 still in development, the game will go on sale next October 22, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC consoles. Here we leave you a preview of the game with everything we know about the title at the moment.

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