Battlefield 2042 Producer Criticizes Industry Toxicity

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The attitude of the gaming community is one of the reasons why studios don’t intersperse messages with users. This was explained by Ben Walke, producer of Battlefield 2042, in an entry published on Reddit. According to his words, toxicity often makes an appearance, something that directly affects developers.

“Day 1 of the beta and we have already entered the field of people are losing their jobs. Have you ever wondered why developers don’t interact with players in the industry? ”He asks rhetorically. “There is a valid way to offer feedback. I don’t think anyone on the team is against receiving it when it is done in a constructive way. But the number of personal attacks I’ve seen in a few hours since we launched [la beta] it has been disappointing ”.

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The beta is not a reflection of the current product

Like all beta, the build it was not definitive and still had some problem. In the official presentation, EA DICE recalled that this version is several months old, an explanation that was accompanied by a video that demonstrates the progress achieved throughout these weeks. Walker himself has emphasized this fact: “The beta was extracted a few months ago from our build principal”. From that moment on, attention has focused on correcting bugs and improving the stability of the product.

Battlefield 2042 was scheduled for October, but will finally be released next November 19th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S. The difference between the new and previous generation versions will be in the number of players, in addition to other aspects related to their visual appearance.

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On this occasion, EA DICE has dispensed with the main campaign, so everything will be focused on the multiplayer.

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