Battlefield 2042 Update 3 – Changes, Improvements, and More

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Battlefield 2042 receives its largest update to date. This third patch adds a multitude of fixes and improvements in every way. It is now available for download at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC. We tell you which are the most prominent.

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Battlefield 2042 Patch 3: Highlights

“With this update we are fixing more bugs and areas of feedback that we have observed during your games since November 12,” begins EA DICE. “This means that you can expect a lot of fixes, changes in balance and improvements in quality of life. Finally, we have started the preseason with new things that you can see ”.

Among the novelties, the incorporation weekly challenges which can be viewed from the main menu. Through them you will receive additional experience to add to your overall amount. The interface for customizing the equipment by menu and ingame will be improved to perform fewer actions when reaching the option you want. Modifications have also been added to the identification of companions and enemies, such as new indicators, signals and more.

You can wait more than 150 fixes to individual problems. From EA DICE they reveal that we can expect at least one more new patch during the beginning of December. It will focus on balances and corrections “that help improve the experience.”

We leave you with some individual points:

  • Fixed an issue related to speed and trajectory when respawning in a plane.
  • Correct visual field applied after insertion sequence.
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the Kaleidoscope server room.
  • Improved the Collection screens, making them easier to use and cleaner to reduce the number of interactions you need when building your equipment.
  • Improved fluency when reporting a player.
  • The ingame marker now scales correctly to fit the frames on the screen.
  • Fixed visual effects during the end of round screen.
  • Improved ranks and experience log.
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