Battlefield Mobile appears in Google Play Store and advances its first details

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The release of Battlefield Mobile on iOS and Android mobile devices is not expected until 2022, but the title has appeared by surprise in the Google Play Store. The page is fully accessible, although of course the download button is not enabled yet. What is offered are some fairly detailed brushstrokes of the main features that it will incorporate. Developed by Industrial Toys in collaboration with EA DICE, the mobile version brings “total war” to this type of hardware.

“Assemble your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield saga has reached mobile phones with all your favorite FPS combats, high quality team play”And the usual level of destruction of the series. According to the official description, players will be able to access classic and new maps and game modes. In addition to customizable weapons and other gadgets, we will control vehicles and combat tanks. “Destroy the battlefield by destroying large-scale scenarios.”

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Classes, customization and more

Electronic Arts promises that the gaming experience will follow the lines of Battlefield, whether “Escaping from a collapsing tower” or by parachuting “off a building while firing a rocket launcher.” Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon are the classes that will be available. On the other hand, each of the characters will be able to use different types of weapons and builds, which will open the doors to personalization and strategy:

“Find your play style and customize your soldier to maximize your capabilities. Weapons, gadgets, skins, and more can be customized and upgraded to suit your chosen class. War heroes with unique narratives prepare for battle ”.

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Battlefield Mobile will provide the player war on land, sea and air. The missions can be approached on foot, in an ATV, using stealth and surprising the enemy with a cannon shot from the tank.

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