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BBQ from Bluey Season 1: A Classic Episode

BBQ from Bluey Season 1: A Classic Episode

It feels like there is a never-ending list of great Bluey episodes, and there is a category for everything.

However, when looking at the Bluey series as a whole, Season 1 doesn’t get as much love. While the show receives a lot of hype and rightfully so, Season 1 doesn’t get nearly as much appreciation as it should.

With that being said, I knew I wanted to put the spotlight on a Season 1 episode. Since it’s summer in the US, “BBQ” felt like the perfect episode to revisit. I wanted to see if it’s every bit as hilarious and heartwarming as I remember.

For those who haven’t watched the episode, it follows the Heeler family as they host a BBQ. Bluey and Bingo are joined by their cousins, Socks and Muffin. While Bluey is playing the part of the grill master like Dad, Bingo is trying to relax. However, each time she tries to, there’s something else for her to do.

In a way, “BBQ” feels like one of the best Bingo episodes. Since the series is named after Bluey, most episodes focus on her. But sometimes, episodes do put Bingo at the forefront. “BBQ” does an awesome job of showcasing Bingo’s character. As a younger sister, she can get tired of having to do things when she’s just trying to relax. Even though I’m an older sibling, I can 100% relate to that.

In addition, the episode is a great lesson for kids and parents alike. For kids, it hopefully shows them to sometimes give Mom and Dad a second to relax. For parents, it can feel surprisingly relatable as kids tend to do exactly what Muffin and Socks are doing to Bingo. In this case, though, sometimes it’s fun to sit back and chuckle at it.

There was even a special moment between Chili and Bingo, which I adored. It was nice to see Bingo show her mum some appreciation. There was also some comic relief from Bingo as she kept messing up things for her dad and then, eventually, her uncle. All in all, “BBQ” is one of those Bluey episodes you’ll watch once and find yourself wanting to watch again.

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