BDI advocates national protection strategy against cyberattacks

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The industry association BDI wants to better ward off cyber attacks on companies with a “national economic protection strategy” by politics and business. The Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) believes that the measures taken by the Federal Government to date and the support provided to the private sector are inadequate. “The German economy has never been attacked as severely as it is today,” said Matthias Wachter, head of the security department at the BDI World on sunday. The number of attacks increased in the corona pandemic because companies working from home are even more vulnerable.

According to the newspaper, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) states: “The threat situation is still very tense and has been exacerbated again by the pandemic.” Cyber ​​attacks with extortion software played a major role. Particularly in the case of hacker attacks with the aim of only releasing blocked computer systems after paying a ransom, “increased aggressiveness” is found.

As part of the proposed national concept, according to the newspaper, the BDI demands, among other things, that the federal government appoint a “coordinator for economic protection” with the rank of state minister or state secretary. In addition, a national economic protection center should be set up as a public-private partnership, which should act as an interface between security authorities and companies.


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