Be very careful with this scam that tries to steal your bank details

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The phishing It is undoubtedly one of the methods most used by cybercriminals to obtain certain personal data from their victims as quickly as possible. In this case, the majority of scams that circulate on the Internet, messaging applications or social networks, try to steal the bank details of the users who fall into their trap.

The last one is a message that is reaching many customers of La Caixa and Bankia, since both share the same entity after the merger between both banks. This message tries to simulate that it arrives from the entity itself and asks the clients who receive it to activate the new web security system through a link.

They try to steal your bank access data

Of course, the message is false and the link does nothing other than take us to a website in which we are asked to enter the username and password to access our online banking. In the event that we introduce them, will be stolen and they will be in the hands of hackers.

The concrete message is the following: CaixaBank Notice | Bankia: As of 09/10/2021 You cannot use your account. You have to activate the new web security system “. This message is accompanied by a web link that tries to get the credentials of the bank’s users.

The message is totally false as confirmed by the entity itself to the news source. In addition, it seems that everything points to the fact that the site to which said link was redirecting is no longer available, although this does not mean that it will return to another similar link. In any case, if someone receives a message of this type, they should know that it is totally false and that they should never enter the access data to their bank account.

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In addition, CaixaBank has taken the opportunity to remind that the entity never request your personal data or passwords by phone, SMS, email or WhatsApp, so they should never provide them through these means to anyone who requests them.

If you receive this message, it is best to delete automatically, never click on the links provided and of course, in no case should you enter the bank access credentials. In the event that you have been a victim of this scam, the ideal thing is that you contact the CaixaBank customer service number as soon as possible, 900 404 090, to explain what happened and that can help you.

It is not the first time that a bank suffers from a similar scam, so it is advisable to be very careful with this type of message in the future regardless of the bank with which we work.


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