Beastars: will it have season 3 on Netflix?

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Netflix is the leading platform in streaming content and has very diverse proposals in its catalog. From drama, police, romance to comedy and horror. In addition, over time it has been attracting a younger audience with cartoons and self-produced anime. One of the first examples was the adaptation of the renowned video game Castlevania. The series has four seasons and they recently announced a spin-off. The truth is that the anime stomps on the service and another very successful one is Beastars, which has just released new episodes. We will tell you if it will finally also have season 3.

Beastars is already on Netflix: will there be season 3?

Beastars is based on the manga written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It was published in 2016 and its success was immediate. So much so that a short time later Netflix took the license of the series to broadcast it and now premiered episodes of season 2. The anime follows the life of a group of anthropomorphic animals and their adventures in the modern world.

But nothing will be easy. Legoshi, an imposing wolf, is suffering from the murder of a companion and now he will try to suppress his predatory instinct. Haru and Rouis are other of the main protagonists. Although delivery number 2 was already available in Japan, its arrival in Latin America finally caused a stir among fans. The season consists of 12 episodes of just over 20 minutes.

Now, the question is: will there be season 3? The series is an original production of the Japanese studio Orange, which has also created Godzilla: Singular Point, and Netflix has a major influence from its role of diffuser in these decisions, but it does not have the final word. Still the study has not confirmed whether or not it will continue with the story of Legoshi.

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Given that season 2 has been very interesting for anime fans and especially because of Legoshi’s declaration of love for Haru, there would be no reason not to continue this incredible series.


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