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Bebe Rexha Considers Legal Action After Fan Throws Object at Concert

Bebe Rexha is demonstrating a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to audience members throwing objects on stage. Over the weekend, the 34-year-old singer-songwriter ejected a fan from her performance in Norway after they allegedly tried to toss something at her. Footage posted online shows Rexha halting her performance abruptly to issue a stern warning and threaten legal action against the disruptive individual.

“If you hit me with something on stage, I’ll take you for everything you’ve done. Do not play with me right now,” she can be heard saying. Known for previously removing fans from shows for similar behavior, Rexha wasn’t willing to let this incident slide. “Out, get out,” she continued.

During the altercation, Rexha appealed to the rest of the crowd to identify the culprit. “Which one? Point me to the person. I want to see them,” she demanded. “Out. Get out. It’s done for you.” Shortly after that, a person was seen hopping the barricade and being escorted out by security as the remaining crowd booed them. Rexha’s parting words to the ejected attendee were echoed by the supportive crowd, “Goodbye.”

Rexha’s reaction is not surprising considering her recent experiences with unruly fans. In June 2023, she was injured during a New York City show when she was struck in the face with a cell phone. The impact was severe enough to require hospitalization.

The New York Police Department later confirmed that Nicolas Malvagna from Manalapan, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with felony assault for allegedly hitting Rexha with the phone. According to the complaint, Malvagna told police, “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny.”

More recently, during a performance in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Rexha observed audience members throwing items in her direction and immediately halted the show to admonish the crowd. “Out, out,” she can be seen saying in videos from the event. “Or if you want to hit me in the face, I pressed charges to the other guy — I would love to become richer. So go right ahead.”

However, Rexha quickly clarified her statement, saying, “I’m not inviting that, please, I’m just joking. It was a joke.”

Despite her strong stance against unruly behavior, Rexha continues to engage with her fans, aiming to create a safe and enjoyable environment during her performances. Her recent incidents highlight the importance of audience conduct and the serious consequences of such disruptions.

Her approach is resonating not just with her fans but also within the wider music industry. As more artists face similar challenges, Rexha’s firm stand could set a precedent for how such situations are handled in the future.

While the incidents have been tough, they also show Rexha’s resilience and commitment to her craft and her audience. She seems determined to ensure her concerts are a space where both she and her fans can enjoy the music without fear of harm.

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