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Bebe Rexha Thanks Fans for Support After Concerning Social Media Posts

Bebe Rexha has garnered an outpouring of support following a series of posts on X (formerly known as Twitter), where she voiced her frustrations regarding issues in the music industry on Tuesday, July 2. The 34-year-old popstar expressed her gratitude for the fan support in a follow-up post, stating, “Honestly you all have given me the strength,” she wrote.

In a subsequent post on Wednesday, July 3, Bebe simply requested her followers to continue supporting her by listening to her new music. “Thank you to everyone checking up on me. I’m working through these issues and fighting for what I deserve,” she said. “If you want to write about me please support my new music. Thank you again. Love you.”

Though Bebe did not delve into the specifics of her experiences, she spoke about facing backlash whenever she attempted to address the issues. “I could bring down a BIG chunk of this industry. I AM frustrated. I Have been UNDERMINED. I’ve been so quiet for the longest time. I haven’t seen the signs even though people constantly are bringing them up and they have been SO OBVIOUS,” she wrote. “When I have spoken up, I’ve been silenced and PUNISHED by this industry. Things must change, or I’m telling ALL of my truths. The good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Responding to messages from her fans, the “I’m Good” singer shared that her recent interactions with her English fans had given her a renewed sense of motivation. “This is not just coming from a place of anger. It’s sadness. I’m sitting in my hotel room in London crying my eyes out. I’ve felt hopeless for the longest time. I’ve been walking a lot through this city and meeting fans, and they have really ignited something inside of me.”

While she did not go into details about her grievances, Bebe is known for openly expressing her displeasure about issues in the past. In June, for instance, she drew attention when she called G-Eazy an “ungrateful loser” and removed concertgoers from one of her shows for throwing objects at her.

Source: Particle News