Becky G’s Apology for Airport Dispute in Mexico City

Becky G’s Apology for Airport Dispute in Mexico City

Becky G Apologizes to Mexican Press

The young singer Becky G recently offered a public apology to the Mexican press after an incident at the Mexico City airport on May 12. The artist was approached by several reporters and fans seeking to obtain statements and photographs from her, a situation that left her feeling anxious and uncomfortable.

Clearing the Air

In a video posted on her social networks, Becky G explained that her work has nothing to do with drama, gossip, or negative things, and that if she has something to say about her personal life, she will say it when she wants and not when asked. She also asked for respect and understanding from the media and her followers.

Expressing Love and Gratitude

Despite the incident, the famous singer expressed her love and gratitude to the Mexican public, and assured them that she is very excited to appear in that country. “I love you very, very much and I am very happy to be here,” she concluded.

Controversy with Ex-boyfriend

As you may remember, Becky G was in the midst of controversy after her ex-partner, soccer player Sebastián Lletget, was publicly exhibited being unfaithful just a few weeks after delivering the engagement ring to the 26-year-old singer. Due to the situation, the artist of Mexican origin refused to make any kind of statement.

In conclusion, Becky G has asked for respect for her personal and professional life, and gently apologized for the airport incident. She remains excited to perform for her Mexican fans and expressed her love and gratitude for their support.

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