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“Behind the Scenes: Director’s Process of Selecting Vanessa’s Actress Revealed”

The Little Mermaid: Director Explains How He Chose Vanessa’s Actress

Rob Marshall (Chicago (86%) and Mary Poppins Returns (74%)) explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he chose Jessica Alexander to avoid distracting the public with another famous name behind the character. In addition, he considered that Alexander was an extraordinary and talented actress, despite his youth. In the animated version of The Little Mermaid (92%), Ursula, the evil sea ​​witch, she decides to disguise herself as a human named Vanessa to seduce Prince Eric and thwart Ariel’s plans. In the new adaptation, Melissa McCarthy plays Ursula, so Marshall felt that casting another well-known actress for the role of Vanessa might be awkward and divert audiences’ attention.

For this reason, he chose Jessica Alexander, who despite being lesser known, showed great talent and understanding of the character during the auditions. “She really didn’t want to do too many stunts. [en castings]. We already had Melissa McCarthy playing Ursula, so having another well-known person play her as Vanessa felt weird. Jessica is an extraordinary actress. I mean, quite young, but you can see her work. She just gets it, and she’s not afraid. That’s what you find in an audition. First we saw a lot of people on tape, and then eventually when you find the people you think are interesting, you see them in person and work with them.”

Marshall mentioned that during the casting process, they were looking for interesting people and then they evaluated them in person, looking for someone who understood the role and wasn’t afraid to take it on. Jessica Alexander demonstrated these qualities and became the ideal choice to play Vanessa. The director praised her talent and her ability to capture the essence of the character.

Commitment to Fresh Talent

The choice of an unknown actress for the role of Vanessa in the adaptation in live action of The Little Mermaid demonstrates the director’s commitment to finding fresh and surprising talent. Although some might question the decision not to cast a more recognizable figure, Marshall is confident that Jessica Alexander will be able to captivate audiences and deliver a memorable portrayal of the Vanessa character, thus complementing Melissa McCarthy’s work as Ursula.

The Little Mermaid Arrives on the Big Screen

The end of the wait is over, The Little Mermaid is now available on theaters from May 25. Fans are eager to see how the story will unfold and how the characters will come to life on the big screen, and it’s fair to wonder if all the questioning around the project was correct. The choice of an unknown actress as Vanessa adds an element of surprise and anticipation, as audiences will be able to discover the talent of a new face in the film industry.

Disney Accused of Censoring Advertising in China

In other news, Disney has been accused of censoring advertising for the film in China. The film has faced controversy in the country due to Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel, sparking debates on social media platforms. However, it is unclear what specifically was censored from the advertising and what impact it will have on the film’s success in China.

Despite the challenges and controversies, The Little Mermaid promises to be a film that will capture the hearts of audiences young and old. With its talented cast and fresh approach, it is sure to be a box office success.

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