Belén Esteban Claims: “Miguel Marcos is My Daughter’s Real Father, Not Jesulín de Ubrique” –

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Belén Esteban condemns Jesulín de Ubrique: “Miguel Marcos is my daughter’s real father”

Belén Esteban, a popular Spanish television personality and former partner of retired matador Jesulín de Ubrique, has publicly stated that her daughter’s real father is Miguel Marcos. The announcement came during a recent episode of the show “Sálvame,” where Esteban spoke out against her former partner.

Defending her daughter

Esteban has always been extremely protective of her daughter, Andrea Janeiro Esteban. The young woman has previously been targeted for criticism due to her father’s status as a bullfighter. During the show, Esteban stated that she had always been honest about the identity of her daughter’s father, even though many believed that Jesulín de Ubrique was the biological father.

Opening up about the past

During the emotional episode, Esteban spoke about her relationship with Jesulín de Ubrique and the difficulties she experienced during their time together. She revealed that the couple had split up multiple times and that their relationship was never easy due to the pressure of the public eye. Esteban has since moved on with Miguel Marcos, whom she credits with helping her through some of the toughest times of her life.


The announcement by Belén Esteban has caused shockwaves throughout Spain, particularly among bullfighting fans who have long been curious about the identity of Andrea’s father. Nevertheless, Esteban has stood firm in her belief that Miguel Marcos is the true father of her daughter. Her outspokenness on the matter has been praised by many, who feel that it is important for women to be able to speak their truth and defend their children.

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