Belinda and Christian Nodal declare their love in the most special place in the world

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This is how Christian Nodal proposed to Belinda

Nodeli He did not travel to Paris, but to the middle of the world to reaffirm his love.

Belinda and Christian Nodal seem to give no respite to romanticism in their relationship, something that fans and the media undoubtedly appreciate. In a new show of affection from the couple, Nodeli traveled to a very special place. There they decided to declare how much they love each other.

Paris? No. Iceland and its Northern Lights? The alley of the kiss in Guanajuato? No way.

Through their social networks, Belinda and Nodal decided to declare, once again, their love at the point that divides the Earth in two.

All the details, in the video above.

“… after two months of dating I already wanted to marry her, because she is the most special person for me, she is an angel who saved my life, she has taught me a lot, she has made me grow as a man, for me She is the best woman there is, “Nodal said in an interview for Despierta América recently.

As fans will remember, it was on May 25 when the singer proposed to Buy, during a dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Barcelona, ​​which he rented just for them for one night.

Additionally, Nodal decided to make the proposal with an unusual ring worth three million dollars that Ricardo Montaner affirms helped him choose.

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